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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Massage Programs

Do you like helping people? Is massage therapy something you always wanted to do? Do you like natural, holistic health care? Then a career in massage therapy is for you! Here are some of our frequently asked questions about massage therapy and our programs.


Who Should Apply?

Applicants should have a friendly outgoing personality, a caring attitude, and the ability to focus exclusively on the client. They should also have good communication and listening skills, the physical capacity to stand for long periods of time while performing treatments, and the ability to work independently with little or no supervision. Find out more through our Who Should Apply section.


I took my training outside the Province of Alberta; can I come to your school?

We accept some programs from out of province. Please call our office at 1-888-261-8999 and talk with one of our Academic Advisors for more information.


How many hours of training do I need?

One year of studies is generally referred to as first year/1000 hours of training and two years is generally referred to as 2200 hours. After completion you will get a Diploma.


  • Clients that want to use their insurance coverage for massage treatments (i.e. Blue Cross) CANNOT get reimbursed for services provided by RMTs with less than 2 years/2200 hours of massage training.

  • Complete the second year/1200 hour massage program. You now have the highest level of training available in the industry, and clients will be reimbursed for your treatments. You will have the training that employers are looking for, as few will accept a first year graduate UNLESS you are working on completion of the second year.

Do different schools offer different credentials?

As long as your diploma states that you have completed the required hours, there is no difference in recognition regarding part time study, full time study, private or public school, college or university campuses. The proper number of hours clearly stated on the diploma is the key.

Our school offers a one year/1008 hours diploma, and a separate second year/1280s hour diploma for a total of 2288 hours of massage therapy training.


How are your programs set up?

For our Basic Relaxation Massage program, our classes take place 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday per month for 7 months for the first year/1008 hours. For our Advanced Therapeutic Massage program, our classes take place 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday per month for 10 months for the second year/1280 hours. Students attend from all over western Canada while maintaining jobs and taking care of families, because of the convenience of our format.


What types of Massage are there?

We use the term Therapeutic Massage to distinguish corrective techniques from the more generalized Basic Relaxation Massage that is applied primarily for its relaxing effects.


Are there jobs in massage?

There is a critical shortage of massage therapists, and future predictions indicate this intensifying over the next 5 years.


How do I become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)?

You will then need to join a Massage Association by submitting a copy of your diploma and other required documents. Once you are accepted by the massage association, you become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) and can now work and charge for your services.


Why should I pick Northern Institute of Massage Therapy?

Our curriculum is the most current, practical and advanced available. We do not teach outdated, irrelevant techniques. As experts in the industry, we know what a massage therapist needs to know-about techniques, self-care and business. We want our graduates to be healthy, confident and prosperous, and we know how to accomplish this.


How does the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy staff know so much about the industry of massage?

Our instructors all own and/or operate massage businesses, and they volunteer in various massage associations. The school’s owners are active in the:

  • CCMTS-Canadian Council of Massage Therapy Schools
  • TSC-Transitional Steering Committee that is responsible for Regulation of the Massage Industry in Alberta
  • Remedial Massage Therapists Association
  • Various municipal meetings
  • Our staff are actively involved in the massage industry at the local, municipal, provincial and federal levels. We want to be as informed as possible so that our students are well aware of what is occurring in their industry.

Who do I talk to for more information?


Please review our website, then call 1-888-261-8999 and speak directly to one of our Academic Advisors or you can email us with any of your questions and one of our Academic Advisors will be happy to help you.

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