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What’s Involved?

See what the Advanced Massage program entails and if it’s right for you.

Advance Your Massage Therapy Skills with Lensen™ and Therapeutic Treatments

The Advanced Massage Program: Clinical Assessment and Correction Specialization is designed for those students with the ability and intent to provide therapeutic (corrective) treatments for their clients. At Northern Institute of Massage Therapy we believe that this area of training has been substandard in the industry for many years and results in graduates that use relaxation techniques for therapeutic treatments.

The intent of our second year course is to correct this situation by teaching proper assessment and correction techniques used specifically for therapeutic applications. All concepts taught in the first year Basic Relaxation Massage program are reinforced and expanded upon, but the emphasis is now on assessment and corrective techniques for acute and chronic pain found in the soft tissues and associated structures of the body.

What is Lensen™?

Exclusive Lensen™ training is now a major component of Advanced Therapeutic Massage: Clinical Assessment and Correction curriculum. It provides our students with the most advanced therapeutic massage training available today. The original version of Lensen™ is called Onsen. Onsen provides training in manual osteopathic techniques used to realign bones, joints and muscles. Traditionally Onsen has been taught by Len Balogh (previous school owner/instructor) and others in 3, 2 day workshops. Len found that the workshop timeframe was inadequate for students to fully understand and utilize the techniques properly.

With the permission of the Onsen originator Rich Phaigh, the material has been updated, revised, and expanded. Lensen™ denotes the most current revision of the Onsen techniques. Lensen™ is not offered in workshop format, it is provided exclusively to students attending the Advanced Therapeutic Massage program at the Northern Institute of Massage Therapy. In addition to receiving their Advanced Therapeutic Massage program diploma, graduates also receive a Certified Lensen™ Therapist certificate.

Advanced Massage – Red Deer – September 2018 Application

Advanced Massage – Cold Lake – September 2018 Application

Contact us if you have questions on our Advanced Therapeutic Massage program, or if you’d like to know more about Lensen™ training – or apply today if you’re ready to build on your massage therapy skills!

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